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  • El-Madina Ready-Mix Company products are produced through huge central mixers in their stations The concrete is transported by mixer cars, in which mixing continues until the concrete arrives at the pouring site. The concrete is subsequently poured in an easy and quick way by means of a special pump called pumps. El-Madina Ready-Mix Concrete Company produces more than 10 types of concrete, which are: -

  • Regular Concrete - Reinforced concrete - Prestressed concrete - Ready Mix concrete (Precast) - High strength concrete - Fiber concrete - Concrete Self-compact - Polymer concrete - Shotcrete concrete - Autoclaved aerated concrete - Heavy concrete - Mass concrete. There is also a special section for cement supply (Cem 2 - Cem 3 - Type 2)

Advantages of El Madina Ready Mix Concrete:

  • Architects prefer El Madina Ready Mix Concrete than the cement concrete prepared in construction sites, in spite of the components of the ready-mix concrete do not differ from the components of regular concrete, but Al-Madina’s ready-mix concrete has multiple advantages such as:

  • Pouring speed enables to finish large areas in one go without stopping.

  • Eliminate the problems which it may happen between the pouring, because our products are well processed in our stations.

  • El Madina Ready Mix Concrete stations is of high quality because we adhere to the correct standards in the preparation and mixing of materials.

  • The materials used in concrete do not cause it any pollution because of the way it is stored.

  • The treatment of sand and aggregates by shaking and washing ensures that aggregates are used in an ideal condition for concrete production.

  • All the concrete quantity of Al-Madina Ready-mix concrete has the same specifications, because weighing and mixing is done by computer at our stations, and this does not happen when using regular concrete that depends on the human factor.

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Ready mix concrete validity:

  • The time allowed for pouring ready-made concrete is two hours or 300 drum revolution counts according to the US code, taking into account that the tensile strengt is the time at which the reaction of cement with water ends, its duration should not be less than 45 minutes and not more than two hours... and the final tensile strength is not less than 10 hours, which is the time required for the cement mixture be hardening that a needle cannot be penetrate while falling from a specific height under its own weight.

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